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A holistic approach to weight loss

Are you sick and tired of trying one weight loss program after another without achieving the results you want? You may have followed promising advice on the Internet and tried all the diet plans. You may have purchased products and weight loss formulas at great expense. Finally, you may now be ready for a more holistic approach to weight loss. Regardless of how long you have struggled with trying to lose weight, how many kilos you want to drop, or how many programs and products you have tried before, Ayurveda can offer you a simple and personalized approach to weight management that is durable, natural, and effective. It is a program that will help you maintain your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

According to the principles of ancient Ayurvedic medicine, the mental and physical makeup of every individual is unique. This uniqueness naturally accounts for a body size and shape, which is healthy for that particular physiology. The goal of Ayurveda is to bring back the balance to one’s natural constitution. Once the balance is restored, bodyweight will naturally shift back to what is normal for that particular physiology.

According to Ayurveda, our mind and body are governed by three doshas (body humours or energies) called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The balanced state of these doshas brings health and wellbeing, and an imbalanced state is the cause of diseases and their symptoms. Being overweight or underweight is due to an imbalance of Kapha, which is characteristic of earth and water elements. An excess of Kapha results in a build-up of toxins, mucous, and fluid. This results in a feeling of lethargy and heaviness and is manifested as excess fat tissue.

 Symptoms of excess weight

An excess of Kapha doshas in the body results in an accumulation of mucous, fluids, and ama (metabolic toxins). The symptoms of excess Kapha include:

  • Lethargy, lack of energy
  • Feeling heavy and dull
  • Excess fatty tissues particularly around the belly, thighs, and chin
  • Fluid retention
  • Sluggish digestion
  • Heaviness in the limbs

Ayurvedic weight management

Weight management is highly individualized in Ayurveda practice. Ayurveda believes that weight gain is not a disease per se, but is the manifestation of an underlying imbalance of doshas.

For this reason, the multi-modality approach of Ayurveda towards good health is ideally suited to weight management.

Sunshine Ayurveda offers a holistic approach to weight management. Our experienced Ayurveda doctor, Dr. Ram Bhandari, is qualified to give professional advice on diet and nutrition, lifestyle routines, exercise plans, and detox/cleansing programs. He can also recommend the best Ayurvedic herbal formulas and spices to maintain a healthy constitution.

The Ayurvedic approach is based on ancient Ayurvedic principles that are intended to naturally steer towards holistic weight loss without the use of chemicals, fasting, or starvation.


Understand your body type

In Ayurveda medicine, an understanding of your body type is the first step to achieving and maintaining good health. Understanding your doshas can help you make the right food choices, and adopt lifestyle that could even work towards changing your body shape. Such knowledge can empower you to lose weight and keep it off.

Everyone needs a different approach to weight loss and knowledge of Ayurvedic body types is the key to achieving the best results. In your initial Ayurvedic consultation with Dr. Bhandari, you will learn about your mind-body type, and what kind of program is best suited to your constitution.


Boost your metabolism

Our body has its own rate of fat burning and chemical processing. The internal processing of what we consume, and how it is converted into energy, varies from person to person. Balanced fat metabolism is essential for the maintenance of healthy weight.

In Ayurveda, we believe that agni (metabolic fire) is responsible for digestion and cellular processes. The state of our agni in our gut and in all our tissues is important. The initial Ayurvedic consultation also serves to identify the state of agni in your body. Based on this information, Dr. Bhandari will design a specialised treatment comprising herbal medicines, diet, and activities that will stimulate your agni and achieve a balance of your doshas.


Kapha balancing herbs, diet, and lifestyle

We already understand that the Kapha dosha is responsible for weight gain and that the aim of the weight loss program is to achieve Kapha balancing. Following the Ayurvedic consultation, you will be given a personalized dietary plan with nutritional information and a guide to food choices that will help promote natural weight loss. This includes healthy vegetarian recipes that are nutritious, wholesome, and delicious. You will also be advised with respect to potent Ayurvedic herbs to support your digestion, boost your metabolism, and enhance fat burning.


The Panchakarma detox program

One specialty of Ayurveda medicine is Panchakarma or Ayurvedic detox. Panchakarma is beneficial for accelerating weight loss by deep cleansing your body and getting rid of toxins, thus balancing your doshas. It works like a ‘reset’ function for your metabolism and provides support for both your mind and body. Panchakarma is highly recommended if you are struggling to lose unwanted body fat.

Panchakarma comprises a series of therapies including Ayurvedic massages, steam therapy, herbal paste scrubs, and medicated enemas, all of which are carried out under the direct supervision of an Ayurvedic doctor.

You may choose a Panchakarma package of 3 days’ duration, or 4 weeks’ duration, depending on your personal needs and other considerations such as your health concerns, your age, your doshas, and even the time of the year, since our body has different needs according to the seasons.

 The products used in Pachakarma include:

Udwartana – This is a special powder with a balance of Kapha herbs and spices. It is used for massaging to stimulate the lymphatic system, improve circulation, break down fatty tissues, and remove excess toxins from underlying tissues. The massage is followed by a herbal steam bath.

  • Vasti – A series of enemas with herbal oils or a decoction of herbs
  • Virechana – Therapeutic purgation
  • Nasya- Sinus cleansing for clearing the Kapha on the upper region of the body


Ayurvedic herbs

Some of the powerful herbs and formulas recommended for Kapha balancing and weight management are:

  • Triphala Guggulu
  • Yogaraja Guggulu
  • Trikatu
  • Triphala
  • Purnarnavadi Kwatham
  • Varnadi Kwatham

Note – This article is designed for general weight management according to Ayurvedic principles. Please do not use this information for your self-diagnosis and treatment without the proper guidelines of a professional. If you wish to follow the Ayurveda program, you are advised to book a consultation with a qualified Ayurveda doctor who is specialized to design a personal program comprising a diet, a combination of herbs, and a detox program according to your personal needs. Sunshine Ayurveda offers an effective and holistic weight loss package based upon the ancient principles of Ayurveda.

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