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Fasting – Ayurvedic approach to detoxification

We’ve seen that Ayurveda focuses more on food intake and how it is utilized in the body, and finally, the way waste is eliminated from our bodies. The reasons behind each metabolic process can be explained within Ayurveda. However, this metabolic process requires to be re-energized. There is a long-standing tradition of fasting in all homes. What’s the reason for fasting? How does fast feel? When to do Fasting? Then, Ayurveda answered these questions with precision. In Ayurveda, to prevent any illness or to ensure the overall health of the human body, three fundamental notions that are Agni, Ojas and

7 Ayurvedic Tips to Drink Water

Are you drinking eight glasses of water a day? If not, this is the perfect time to begin. Although drinking insufficient water can cause several adverse effects, it is equally crucial to be aware of how the water we drink. The fundamentals of Ayurveda suggest that how you drink your water is essential. Water is also impacting your general health. Interesting, isn’t it? Ancient Ayurveda There are many theories about drinking water formulated over the centuries. Based on the work, The Ultimate Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies by Vasant Lad, water symbolizes consciousness. Water is complex, heavy, brutal, dense, cold, and solid-fluid.

Fasting for Balanced Health

Fasting literally means giving up solid food in order to eliminate accumulated toxins or metabolites and cleanse the body. Fasting is a time-tested method of keeping healthy and activating self-healing practice. Fasting practice is as old as Ayurvedic and yogis tradition and fasting is equally important in spiritual, social, and religious practices. In other ways, fasting is also known as planning the meal or menu. Everyone can practice fasting but everyone deserves a different way of fasting according to their dosha.   Benefits of fasting Fasting simply gives rest to your digestive system, stomach, intestines, and all the organs. It

Health Benefits of Copper Water

What does it cost to stay healthy or regain good health? Making little changes in the lifestyle, food habits, choice of foods, drinking adequate water and more. These little changes count a lot. Especially, water! We often miss the micro nutrients that come along with us in an effortless way. Let’s name it, Copper Water and explore on the health benefits of copper water!  Copper Water – An Overlooked Health Routine  Copper water may appear like a new fad but it is an ancient practice. Copper is an essential mineral vital to the human body. It contains antioxidants, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory

Is Coffee Suitable for Me?

We often have clients come into the clinic fearing the suggestion to remove coffee from their morning routine. Breaking the routine seems impossible. The good news is that we have options for coffee lovers. First of all, let us understand what coffee is and how coffee works. Introduction: Coffee beans are collected from Coffea arabica Linn. and other subspecies of coffee plants are consumed all over the world as a stimulating liquid beverage. With major functional constituent being Caffeine (1-3 %), Coffee throughout history has been consumed for purposes beyond stimulation. Coffee has not been mentioned in the original texts

What is Oil pulling and its benefits?

Oil pulling is an important part of ayurvedic daily rituals practices that support and maintain balanced health. Oil pulling is described as Kavala or Gandusha in the ayurvedic texts, which means a comfortable amount of oil, is held in the mouth and gargled or pulled through the teeth and around the gums and teeth. In Ayurveda, the individual is seen as an individual, diagnosed as an individual, and treatments are based upon them. Oil pulling is described as preventive and curative therapy as well. Ayurveda claims oil pulling can cure 30 different diseases, including many illnesses that have nothing to

Ayurveda can help you to combat COVID-19

The outbreak of the Corona virus (COVID-19) is affecting the whole world and people across the globe are in a state of panic. Nobody in our lifetime has ever experienced such a pandemic and we are feeling anxious about how little we know about the nature of this virus. We are being subjected to a lot of misinformation, but to the best of our knowledge, there is currently no cure or vaccine for Covid-19, and no one can yet guarantee when these will become available. In the face of much misleading information, it is important for all of us to

How to make Ayurvedic Buttermilk?

Ayurvedic buttermilk is quite different from the buttermilk you find in the supermarket. Interestingly, Ayurvedic buttermilk is simply diluted, natural yogurt with herbs and spices. This is very easy to make at home, and enjoy its numerous health benefits. Buttermilk is called Takra in Ayurveda. This recipe has been used over the centuries to restore the digestive system and act as a natural probiotic.   Benefits of Ayurvedic buttermilk Easy to digest, it has astringent and sour tastes which mitigate Kapha and Vata. It is used for the treatment of inflammation, digestive disorders, lack of appetite, spleen and liver problems