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Herbal Scrub and Detox massage

What is Udvartana?

Udvartana is a therapeutic ayurvedic herbal-scrub massage used to clear stagnation and stimulate lymphatic flow in your body. It is extremely effective in supporting weight loss and for general detoxification.

There are two types of Udvartana treatment. One uses a dry herbal powder and the other a herbal paste. The ingredients in each case are carefully selected to address your individual health and well-being needs.

Our experienced therapists will apply a personalised blend of dry herbs or herbal paste on your body from the neck downwards using distinct upward sweeping strokes and specific massage techniques, leaving your skin and body feeling completely revitalised.


Service Cost
$ 150-180

Can be mixed with other therapies

  • $150 60 Min Paste Massage
  • $180 90 Min Paste Massage

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Please Note:

Ayurvedic therapies such as Udvartana must be done under expert guidance. Please consult your doctor for a treatment plan, tailor-made to your body constitution and Dosha imbalance. This will ensure hassle-free treatment and will enrich your Ayurveda experience.

Why Udvartana is Best?


Your Udvartana treatment benefits you by:

Benefits for you:

Udvartana is suitable for all healthy individuals and also specifically helps with the treatment of the following conditions:

Types of Udvartana

Choose the type of Udvartana

Udvartana is a Sanskrit word that means massaging the body (below the neck) in a direction opposite to the orientation of body hair, with some pressure (usually with a herbal powder mix).

Snigdha Udvartana – Ayurvedic Herbal Paste Massage

Snigdha Udvartana treatment begins by massaging warm herbalised oil into your body to prepare your skin for the herbal paste scrub. Then the warm herbal paste is massaged into your body using vigorous upward strokes.

Ruksha Udvartana – Ayurvedic Dry Powder Massage

In Ruksha Udvartana treatment, to begin with a dry herbal powder is massaged into your body using fast vigorous massage strokes. Then, depending on the purpose of the treatment, you may be required to have herbal steam to promote enhanced detoxification through the pores.

The Process on the Spot

Udvartana works best if it is done after an ayurvedic oil massage (Abhyanga) and followed by herbal steam therapy (Swedana). Abhyanga is a whole body massage using a specific warm oil suited to your dosha constitution (Vata/Pitta/Kapha) and health needs. Following the massage, one of our professional therapists will generously sprinkle a coarse herbal powder or paste over your body from the neck downwards. The powder is rubbed along the skin with varying pressure in specific directions according to the underlying muscles. Key focal areas in Udvartana are the back, chest and limbs. At the end of the treatment, the excess powder is wiped off and you will be required to have a herbal steam bath or warm shower.

After treatment recommendation:

  • Eat a light meal after your Udvartana treatment
  • Drink plenty of warm water or herbal tea
  • Try to avoid stimulants that may not support the desired effect of your treatment

How often should you have a massage?

Udvartana is part of a daily ayurvedic routine called Dinacharya. It is also prescribed in obesity and weight loss programs.

For the best results, a series of regular treatments is recommended. Udvartana is included in Sunshine Ayurveda’s Spring lifestyle/detox packages.

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