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Ayurvedic Therapeutic Oil Massage

What is Abhyanga?

(Ayurvedic herbal oil massage)

Abhyanga massage is a traditional ayurvedic oil massage therapy for healing, cleansing and revitalisating your whole body.

In Abhyganga massage a personalised blend of oils and therapeutic herbs is made up to suit your dosha constitution (Vata/Pitta/Kapha) and pacify your doshic imbalances.

The treatment involves massaging the herbal oils into your body to penetrate deeply through the skin into your tissues, joints and muscles. This encourages the elimination of stagnant waste and allows nutrients to reach starved and damaged cells. The result is an increased state of healing and rejuvenation at a cellular level throughout your body which:

Service Cost

Can be mixed with other therapies

  • $60 For 30 mins
  • $95 For 60 mins
  • $135 For 90 mins
  • $170 For 120 mins
$20 For additional 20 mins Steam therapy

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Please Note:

Ayurvedic therapies such as Abhyanga, must be done under expert guidance. Please consult your doctor for a treatment plan, tailor-made to your body constitution and Dosha Imbalance. This will ensure hassle-free treatment and will give you a wholesome Ayurveda experience.

Why Abhyanga is Best?

Abhyanga is available as a standalone rejuvenation therapy and is suitable for anyone. You do not require an Ayurvedic consultation to make a booking. Abhyanga massage may also be prescribed by our Ayurvedic Doctor, Ram Bhandari, in conjunction with other therapies. For example, it forms an important part of an ayurvedic detox program (Panchakarma) and is often used as a Purvakarma (pre-procedure) to other major Panchakarma treatments.

Benefits of Abhyanga

Note – At Sunshine Ayurveda, our Abhyanga Massage includes Pinda Swedana (therapeutic herb and oil poultice) treatment for an additional benefit at no extra cost.

How does Abhyanga work?

Abhyanga involves applying warm Dosha-specific oil over your body, followed by a massage using special techniques and strokes by well-trained therapists. The techniques of massage employed are unique and may be determined according to the body part, position of underlying muscles and any specific conditions or diseases needing attention.

Abhyanga can be done over the whole body (Sarvanga Abhyanga) or focused on one area. For example, Padabhyanga (foot oil massage) and Shirobhyanga (head oil massage).

Abhyanga can be done over the whole body (Sarvanga Abhyanga) or focused on one aspect, for example: Padabhyanga (foot oil massage), Shirobhyanga (head oil massage), etc. Your doctor will prescribe what is most apt for you. You will be prescribed a particular oil depending on your condition. Specific herbs are infused into the oil and are used to treat specific diseases.

Know the fact

Know about our special oils and messages

essential oil

The combination of herbs with oil plays a major role in Ayurvedic treatments. The herbs are used to extract impurities from your tissues and to nourish them.

Warming the oil encourages the pores of your skin to open when it is applied to your body.

The oil acts as a medium for transporting the herbs and allows them to penetrate into the deeper tissues of your body. 

All the Ayurvedic oils are prepared with special care by cooking the selected herbs into a base oil such as black sesame oil or coconut oil. The specific combination and ratio of herbs is carefully determined to suit your personal healthcare needs.

All the oils used at Sunshine Ayurveda are made by an authentic ayurvedic manufacturer in Kerala, India, following the traditional recipes prescribed in ancient ayurvedic texts such as Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, Astanga Hridayam and Sahasra Yogam.

In Ayurveda, Pinda simply means a poultice that is densely packed with therapeutic herbal ingredients. In Pinda Swedana the poultice is heated in warm herbal oil and rubbed, tapped or pounded over the affected area or the whole body as required.

The warmth of the poultice combines with the active ingredients of the herbs and oils to improve circulation and reduce body stiffness and pain. It also warms the tissues at a deeper level to optimise the detoxification effects of the treatment.

Pinda Swedana is available as a stand alone treatment or in combination with other therapies offered at Sunshine Ayurveda.

The oil is warmed and applied from head to toe by our experienced therapists using gentle pressure and defined strokes with an acute awareness of the energy points (marma) and energy centres (chakras) in the body. This enables the essence of the herbal oil with its medicinal effects to be absorbed into the deepest layers of your body’s tissues.

Herbal steam therapy allows herbalised steam to penetrate your body from the neck downwards, while your head is kept cool, as you sit comfortably in a wooden steam chamber. This therapy induces sweating to promote cleansing and detoxification of your body and supports the relief of pain and stiffness. Heat makes it easier for toxins to be released from the tissues, so Swedana after an oil massage is beneficial in promoting the detoxification process.

It is recommended that you also book a herbal steam therapy with your Abhyanga massage to maximise the benefits of your massage treatment.

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